Playing the ocarina

The first goal of this website is to help people to play the ocarina. It could be difficult to use a new music instrument. That's why we decided to publish ocarina song tabs here, to make it easier. Now you don't have to learn to read music to play your favorite songs. The ocarina is famous all over the world, so this website is the best way for everyone to share ocarina tabs and ocarina tips with others. You can find here, ocarina song tabs published by others and if you do not find a tab, you can ask the community which will be happy to help you. The tabs are very easy to read, it's a good representation of your ocarina indicating the hole you have to cover (black) and those you have to leave uncovered (white).

Video game series “Zelda” has contributed to making ocarinas famous all over the world. So you can find many Zelda songs:

There are also others songs from other video games or films:

You probably know that there are many ocarina types, 12 hole, 10 hole, 6 hole … We deal with many types of ocarina on this website, if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us. We'll add it for you.

Here's an inline ocarina.

The Cumberland Crew on Mountain Ocarina