Choose an Ocarina

There are many ocarina types for each demand, for youngest and oldest, for beginners and professionnals. So to choose an ocarina you have to answer three questions:

  • Who is going to use the ocarina?
  • How much monney I want to spend to buy an ocarina?
  • What songs do I want to play?

If you want to buy a gift for a child, you do not have to buy a very expensive ocarina. You can choose a 6 hole ocarina. These instruments can play many songs and are a good way to discover this music instrument.

But if, the ocarina is for a beginner who want to improve his skills; the perfect choice is a 12 hole ocarinas. He could play many Zelda’s song. Stlocarina have a large choice of 12 hole ocarina. Most of them are sold with a song book. You can also check on .
With a 12 hole ocarina, you may play nearly everything you want, and the instrument is very easy to use.

If you think you want more than that, you can choose a Double Ocarina, you will play more songs and in a more accurate way. But you have to know that multi-chamber ocarinas are much more difficult to play and much more expensive.


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